/Double Door High Temperature Oven

Double Door High Temperature Oven

Double-door high-temperature oven is also called industrial oven. Its design can meet the high-temperature drying requirements of industrial large-scale test products. It is equipped with a large-flow fan and the hot air circulation in the test box is uniform and efficient to ensure uniform temperature distribution. The industrial oven equipment adopts an independent temperature limit alarm system, a digital display temperature controller with high-precision temperature control, and a large air volume circulation motor to ensure uniform temperature distribution, effectively and safely guaranteeing high-precision high-temperature drying process. You can choose the appropriate temperature range according to your high-temperature drying requirements, and the inner size can also be customized.




*Specifications of AO series precision oven




Temperature Range

RT +20°C ~ +150°C

Temperature Fluctuation


Temperature Uniformity

≤ ±2.0°C (RT+20°C ~ +100°C);  ≤ ±2.5°C (+101°C ~ +150°C)

Temperature Deviation

≤ ±2.0°C

Heat-up Rate

RT+20°C ~ +150°C    ≤ 40min

Heating Up And Overshoot

≤ ±2.0°C


≤ 70dB



Inner dimension(mm)

W1500 * H1000 * D1000mm

Exterior dimension(mm)

W1900 * H1785 * D1305mm


Interior material

SUS 304# stainless steel

Exterior material

Powder Coated Carbon Steel Plates

Insulation material

Rock wool

Sealing material

Silicone seal



Nickel chromium alloy electric wire


Japan Omron(Digital)/button Setting method Input/fixed value Run/Temperature measurement: Thermocouple puppet

Safety Measures

Power supply is under-phase protection; the test item ultra-temperature protection is independent; set on the operation panel); the total power leakage protection switch, the heater ultra-temperature protection switch; the control circuit crossing the current fuse protection;


2 Sets of Stainless Steel Sample Shelves; 1 cable hole; 4 foot wheels; 1 main cable

Equipment environment

1. Environmental temperature: +5° C ~ +35° C; 2. Relative humidity: <85%RH; 3. Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa; 4. There are no strong vibrations around

Power Supply

AC 380 (10%) V (50+0.5) H Three-phase and four-line+protection ground line


9.0 KW

▲Custom sizes and configurations are available


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