/Walk-In Aging Test Room

Walk-In Aging Test Room

Walk-in aging test room is used for load aging testing of electronic products. The data are set and displayed by the computer, including the parameter setting of electronic load, display of test parameters, and qualified quantity of test samples. When it is running, the RS485 can be operated by connecting the electronic load together in parallel and installing the SFT0308 control system software at the same time


Walk-in aging test room description:

Walk-in aging test room is known as burn-in room or aging room, which provides a batch aging test to improve the stability and reliability of electrical and electronic products. Atmars specializes in the customization of large aging room equipment, the structure of the test room can be designed as isolated, mobile, integral, etc. The size of the working volume can be customized. The high temperature can be up to 100°C. Walk-in aging climate room is a large laboratory equipment with premium performance like high precision, nice temperature uniformity, easy operation, and safety.

Product application area:

The aging room is widely used in power electronics, computers, terminals, automotive electronic products, power supply, monitor, and other fields. The walk-in high-aging climate room is mainly composed of controller, switchboard, insulation layer, blower, heater, humidifier and refrigeration system, etc. This equipment is designed with 6 standard sizes of the working volume and 24 test specifications under different environmental conditions.

Model Waling-in high-temperature aging room
AWG-27(Custom service according to customer product size )
Integral aging room Isolated aging room
Design combined sound insulation, PID & closed-loop temperature control The product area and the load area are isolated, and the split load is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance and temperature control
Performance Temp. range RT ~ 100°C
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temp. deviation ±2.0°C
interior material Stainless Steel Plate(SUS 304)
Machine weight on the actual weight
Heat up time RT ~ 100°C within 55 min
Testing shelves
Painted/Formed Aluminum Combination Baking paint / forming aluminum / stainless steel welding burning machine trolley
Insulation material Rigid Polyurethane Foam and Glass Fiber Wool
Door size Single wing(80x210cm)   Double wing(160x210cm)
Controller LCD Touch panel, Chinese or English display selectable, computer monitoring system (option)
Configure the interface Standard RS232 port/USB, optional WLAN, APP function, with power-on test hole
Safety devices One-button emergency stop (option)
Over temperature protection
Overheat protection for circulating blower
Over-current protection for the system with earthing, leakage, open circuit protection
The phase sequence, under phase, inverse phase protection device of the power supply is provided with a fusible protection switch
Buzzer alarm device/AcoustoOptic alarm device(option)digital display adjustable independent over temperature protection  
Noise level ≦75dB
Power supply  AC 1Φ 2W 220V 50Hz (R、N+ground wires) (Voltage fluctuation ≦±10%) AC  3Φ  4W  380V  50Hz (R. S、T、N +ground wires)(Voltage fluctuation ≦±10%)
▲Customized sizes and configurations are available


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