/Battery Heavy Impact Test Cabinet

Battery Heavy Impact Test Cabinet

This High Precision Heavy Impact Battery Test Chamber Mechanical Equipment for Laboratory functions to test the safety performance of the battery through different weights from different heights to impact different stressed areas. The battery shall have no flame or explosion after a series of tests by this battery impact tester. This equipment is a popular battery tester for battery manufacturers.


Test Method:

Test specimens is placed on a plane. A bar with a diameter of 15.8mm ±0.2mm placed on the central position of test specimens in the cross direction. A heavy of 9.1kg ±0.1kg drop free from a height of 610mm ±25mm down to the test specimens. Each test specimen has to bear an impact test and each test needs different test specimens.

Product Features:

1. Dual rail structure that protects the tester if sudden power supply cut-off but the impact weight won’t drop.2. Impact weights can be changed over, mounting, and dismantling in an easy way that provides an excellent solution to treat the error due to secondary impacts and improve the test accuracy.
3. The wire is enclosed with a metal fire-proof cover, which is available to prevent flame during the testing process.
4. Lighting system is designed to observe the internal testing process.
5. Height can be displayed in a digital way with a controllable height from 25-1000mm.
6. Wire hole provides a possibility to test internal temperature or air pressure while a vent hole with an air blower can discharge the exhaust air.
7. Control system employs an independent control cabinet & separated from the test chamber by a distance of 1-2 meters, which can reduce the noise and improve safety.

Product Name:   Battery Heavy Impact Test Cabinet
Product Model:   ATMARS Standard Or Customization
Steel Ball Weight:   9.1KG/10KG ±0.1Kg
Drop Height:   610mm-1000mm
Extrusion Cross Bar:   15.8mm ±0.2mm (Customizable)
Inner Material:   SUS#201 stainless steel plate
Outer Material:   Cold miscellaneous steel baking paint
Fill Material:   Rigid foam
Sealing Strip:   A silicone sealing strip
Air Vent:   Φ150 mm at the back of the chamber
Exhaust Fan:  Φ120mm at the back of the chamber (Exhaust pipe can be connected outside)
Box Door:  Single door, The observation window on the door is made of double-layer tempered glass, cold handle door lock.
Impact Surface:  Steel plate for both top and bottom
Exterior Size:  W680xD830xH1600mm
Interior Size:  W500xD500xH1200mm
Sample Space:  ≥300*300*300mm
Machine Weight:  About 130kg
Power Supply:  AC 220V, 50/60Hz


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