/Battery Washing Test Machine

Battery Washing Test Machine

Battery washing test machines from ATMARS are ideal test equipment to carry out battery washing tests according to GB 31241-2014 Lithium ion cells and batteries used in portable electronic equipment – Safety requirements.


Applications :

1. Lithium-ion battery pack for handheld electronic products.
2. Lithium-ion battery packs for portable electronic products that may be carried or used in pockets.
3. Other portable electronic products with a battery pack that can be carried in a pocket.
4. Washing test for installing handheld electronic products such as non-user-replaceable batteries/batteries.

Operation Procedure:

1. Washing Solution: Configure solution with pH value 11.0 ± 0.1 (you can use the mass fraction of 0.004% NaOH Solution), and heat solution up to (45±2)℃.
2. Immersion: specimen will be fixed ion rotation device as below picture, and then place the specimen into the solution. (Height from Cell center to solution surface is 300mm ± 10mm, immersion for 0.5h, and to maintain the solution temperature at(45 ± 2) ℃.
3. Stirring: drive the rotation device for 0.5h, rotational speed 60r/min.
4. Dehydration: remove the solution and drive the rotation device for 10min, rotational speed 800r/min.
5. Drying: put the specimen into a high-temperature chamber for 0.5h with temperature control at (45 ± 2) ℃.


Product Name:  Battery Washing Test Machine
Product Model:  ABW-X
Turntable Outer Diameter:  500 ±10mm
Turntable Rotation Speed Range:  1~900r/min (Adjustable)
Rotation Speed Tolerance:  1%
Test Barrel Diameter:  650mm
Test Barrel Depth:  550mm
Control System:  PLC touch screen and PC remote control, can realize close and remote control
Control Method:  Programmable and fully automated control
Time Setting:  0~9999H/M/S
Test Chamber Temp. Range:  Rt to +80℃(can be set), common temperature is 45 ±2℃
Temp. Tolerance/Uniformity:  ±0.5℃/±2.0℃
Washing Solution:  PH value 11.0±0.1
Solution Temp. Retention:  45±2.0℃
Drying Temp. Retention:  45±2.0℃
Driven System:  The turntable is driven by a servo motor
Heating Control System:  Heating tube: solution heating system and test chamber(drying) heating system are separately
Viewing Window:  Multi-pane tempered heated viewing window
Interior Material:  Stainless steel SUS #316
Exterior Material:  Cold-rolled steel with powder coating
Electrical Supply:  AC 380V(±10%), 50±0.5Hz, 3 phase 4 wire plus earth wire
Allowable Ambient Conditions:  Temperature 50±5℃, Relative humidity ≤75%RH, Air pressure 86KPa to 106KPa


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