/Programmable Battery Internal Short Circuit Tester

Programmable Battery Internal Short Circuit Tester

Programmable battery testing machine internal short circuit tester is designed to comply with standards; According to the short-circuit test requirement, the short-circuit must be less than 5 mΩ to achieve maximum current; In addition, a load-bearing capacity must be designed in an electrical system for short-circuit the system.



Product Name:  Programmable Battery Testing Machine Internal Short Circuit Tester
Temp. Control System Parameters:
Test Chamber Temp. Range:  -10℃~100℃
Indication Resolution:  0.1℃
Temp. Fluctuation:  ±0.5℃
Temp. Uniformity:  ±2℃
Heat-Up Rate:  3℃/min
Cool Down Rate:  1℃/min
Exterior Size:  W1500xH2100xD1050mm
Interior Size:  W500xH600xD500mm
Temp. Control System:  TEMI control system imported from South Korea
Pressure System Parameters:
Testing Load:  80kg
Load Resolution:  1/1000
Unit Selection:  Kg, lb, N
Load Accuracy:  FS≤±0.5%
Resolution:  ±0.5%
Displacement Accuracy:  ±0.05mm
Range Of Speed:  0.01~20mm/s, adjustable, (commonly test speed use 0.1mm/s)
Effective Distance:  100mm
Test Area:  200x200mm(Customizable)
Range Of Voltage Acquisition:  0~20V
Frequency Of Voltage Acquisition:  100 times/s
Size Of Squeeze Head:  5x5x2mm / 10x10x2mm / 10x10x15mm
Squeeze Head Material:  Buna-N rubber and acrylic
Control System:  PLC controller


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