Energy has been a key in the development of the human society. Managing the use of energy is inevitable in any functional society. In the 21st century, clean, reliable and zero emission energy resources are becoming more and more important, ARMARS climatic chambers for energy industry are dedicated to the testing of lithium ion batteries, solar panel, etc. ATMARS environmental test chambers and battery test chambers can provide you a complete and comprehensive testing system based on your testing needs and safety requirements, such tests like battery fast temperature cycling & shock, battery hot/cold testing and battery heat testing. ATMARS also designs and manufactures solar panel testing chambers for testing various size photovoltaic modules and solar panels. These chambers are designed to meet solar panel test specifications for IEC, UL and ASTM. These tests include temperature cycling, damp heat and humidity freezing. Testing solar panels in a ATMARS environmental test chamber can aid in qualifying that the solar panels robust and reliable enough to withstand the environment.

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