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Ⅰ. Inspection and Maintenance 

1. The replacement of wet bulb test cloth (Don't need to check if it adopts electronic humidity sensor)

 If the test cloth become dirty and stiff, or after a high temp control test, the test cloth must be replaced before another temperature and humidity control test. 

   The test cloth must be replaced once every three months. When replacing, the temperature sensing element should be wiped clean with cleaning cloth, and the operator should wash his hands first. 

2. Inspection and adjustment of the wet bulb water level

   The water level in the tank should not be too high, both overflow or too low will lead to wet bulb test cloth’s abnormal water absorbing and affect the accuracy of the wet bulb. Water level should remain about 60% full of the tank.  About the adjustment of the water level in the tank, can adjust the height of the water box (adjust the screws on both sides)   

3. Dust removal of the condenser 

   The condenser should be maintained monthly. Can use vacuum cleaning to remove away the dust on the condenser cooling copper sheet, or use high-pressure air blow away the dust.   

4. Drying ball over-temperature protector check 

   When the test chamber is running, check whether the setting of dry and wet bulb over-temperature protection is between the highest temperature point plus 15℃~20℃.

   If the temperature inside rise to the over-temperature protection point, the heater power supply will stop instantly. The test chamber controller will show failure situation immediately, the buzzer will alarm. If long time running and unattended, please do check the over-temperature protector to ensure set properly.  (The wet bulb over-temperature protector setting should be taken physical as standard. )

5. The machine’s internal and external cleaning and maintenance   

   Clear away the internal clutter and impurities of the test chamber before operation.  

   The power distribution room should be clean more than one time each year. Can use dust collector to remove away the dust in the room. The external of the machine should be washed more than once in a year. Use soapy water to scrub the outer wall.  

6. Humidifier check and maintenance 

   The water in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure the water clean. Humidification water pan should be washed once a month to ensure smooth water flow.

Ⅱ. List of Climatic Chamber Check and Maintenance

replacement of test cotton cloth stiff and dirty anytime
regular maintenance every three months 
Check the water level (the water level of test cloth and water level of humidifier humidification water pan) regular nspection every three months
condenser leaning will affect heat dissipation if unclean anytime
regular maintenance every month
Internal box leaning before the peration anytime
regular maintenanceevery month
Chamber body clean regular aintenanceevery six months
power distribution room regular aintenanceevery six months
Humidifier and humidifying water pan cleaning  before the perationanytime
regular maintenanceevery month


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