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Two-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Two-zone thermal shock chambers consist of two separately controlled hot and cold zones with product being transferred between these zones for rapid product temperature changes by a pneumatic elevator, ideal for thermal shock testing to find product flaws before they reach your customer.

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What is a Two-Zone Thermal Shock Chamber ?

2-Zone Thermal Shock Chambers from ATMARS consist of two separately controlled hot and cold zones (one atop the other) with product being transferred vertically by a pneumatic basket for rapid product temperature changes. The conditioned air is pre-cooled or pre-heated beyond the setpoint, allowing quicker recovery of the desired condition after transfer. 

The induced thermal stresses can reveal hidden manufacturing defects in electronic sub-assemblies and other components by the expansion and contraction of critical parts, ideal for testing to find product flaws before they reach your customers. 


AST Series Two Zone (Hot/Cold) Vertical Layout - direct hot/cold transfer of basket by a pneumatic elevator.

Our standard two-zone thermal shock chambers models workspace volumes include: 48L, 72L, 80L, 100L, 150L and 216L. And interior dimensions can be customized according to specimen sizes and your testing requirements.

Temperature Range:

- Hot zone to +180℃ (356° F)

- Cold zone to -75℃ (-103° F)

- Other temperature range available

High temperature exposure: +150℃ (302° F)

Low temperature exposure:

Type A: -40℃ (-40° F)

Type B: -55℃ (-67° F)

Type C: -65℃ (-85° F)

Recovery time for mechanical refrigeration : ≤ 3minutes

High / Low temperature exposure time: 30minutes

Automatic transfer of test specimens between hot zone and cold zone

Basket transfer time within 10 Sec.

An ATMARS application engineer can assist you in selecting the chamber configuration and size that is most economical for your testing needs.

Specifications of Two-Zone Thermal Shock Chambers ATS Series_ATMARS.jpg


Welded #SUS304 stainless steel interior

Cold-rolled steel exterior with powder coated finish

Welded structural base frame with removable service access panel on three sides for easy maintenance

Chamber drains

Direct drive-shaft powered forced air circulation

Instant basket transfer between temperature zones with a pneumatic elevator

Low "K" factor urethane foam insulation and fiberglass thermal insulation

Full opening chamber door with dual silicone sealing gaskets

Multi-pane tempered heated viewing windows with interior light

Front built-in touch-screen programmable controller

Chamber fan motors externally located

Through-wall traveling access port

Stainless steel basket shelves

Heavy duty casters and floor stands for mobility and balance

Make modifications to structure when necessary allowing for a modular assembly on-site overcome most facility issues

Heating/Airflow/Cooling Systems 

Efficient open wire nichrome resistance heaters

Forced interior air circulation with efficient fan motors

Self-contained Single stage or cascade mechanical refrigeration system

- France TECUMSEH hermetic reciprocating compressor

- German GEA (Bock) semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor

- German BITZER semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor

Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) refrigerants - R404A / R23

Air cooled condenser / Water Cooled Condenser (Option) / Option Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

High efficiency brazed plate heat exchanger (Option)

EMERSON A-W Series oil separators

Solenoid valves for energy saving refrigeration bypass capacity control

All piping joints silfosed or silver soldered

Oil pressure switches


All circuits fused or circuit breaker protected

All wiring labeled or color coded

Fully enclosed electrical panel

High Temperature limit safety

Balanced load on 3 phase power

Optional Accessories

Custom colors

Number, size, position and shape (round, glove or square) of traveling access ports

Additional basket shelves

Custom fixture 

Door Interlocks

Water cooled condenser

Remote refrigeration system

Boost cooling system, LN2 or CO2

Dry air purge

Dry nitrogen purge

Quiet package

Basket Transfer Vertical Two-Zone Thermal Shock Chambers_ATMARS.jpg

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