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Rain Test Chamber

Rain test chamber can simulate raining weather condition so as to test products water resistance and waterproof performance and meets the requirements of the MIL-STD-810F standard.

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What is a Rain Test Chamber ?

Designed to simulate a soaking, rainy environment for rain test per as IEC 60529, Rain/water Spray Test Chambers from ATMARS are mainly used for car, head lamps, tail lights, and wiring harnesses making them ideal for conducting a water spray test.

The Rain Test Chamber features a self-contained water recirculation system that eliminates the cost and inconvenience of plumbing in a facility water supply. Water is injected into the test enclosure through specifically-sized nozzles. Flow meters with adjustment valves supply the water spray at specified flow parameters. A rotating test platform can be incorporated in the Water Spray Test Chamber to promote even moisture distribution over the surface of the products under test.

ATMARS's Rain Test Chambers are available in both top and front-opening configurations. ATMARS has the engineering design capabilities and experience to customize rain test chambers to meet special configurations or performance specifications.


Scientific design allows the chamber to provide a realistic simulation of dripping, drenching, splashing, sprinkling water and other environments.

More than 1000 holes uniformly distributed on the top so that water will be sprayed evenly.

Using advanced and comprehensive control system, as well as frequency conversion technology, in which the rainfall, the rotation angle of the sample rack, the swing angle of the water swing lever and the water spray, swing frequency can be automatically adjusted

Chamber interior/exterior are made of high quality stainless steel plates

Large area visual glass door for easy observation of interior specimen status

Using imported speed control inverter to ensure standard testing procedures

The chamber bottom installed high quality fixed PU casters for flexible mobility

With 270 degrees swing tubes and 360-degree rotating rod sprinklers, there are no dead ends for specimen raining test 

Test Standard Conformance




IEC 60529


Protection Ratings of Liquid Ingress Protection_ATMARS.jpgMoisture & Rain Simulation Test Chambers Manufacturer_ATMARS.jpg

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