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Precision Oven

Industrial ovens are heated chambers designed for high-temperature tests, heat processing, baking, drying and other temperature tests. Such ovens are widely applied in industry sectors or labs.

Equipment introduction
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What is Precision Drying Oven ?

ATMARS precision oven, temperature chambers or cabinet dryers are mostly used for drying, baking, sterilization of non - volatile items and heat treatment test for mining enterprises, schools, medical and scientific research. They can also be applied in electronic engineering, electroplating, pharmacy, paint baking, printing industries for high-temperature tests, heat processing or drying.

Product Features 

A wide range of standard models for option: vertical, horizontal or ultra-high temperature types

Forced air-supply circulation system and the special air outlet design to ensure perfect humidity uniformity and temperature uniformity.  

Excellent heating performance

LED digital temperature controller - easy operation and user-friendly

Seamless door interior structure preventing heat losses

Air-exhausting device is optional

Other ultra-high temperature oven series can reach 500 °C and are available upon customized.


Temperature Range: 50°C~200°C(300°C)

Temperature Uniformity: ±2.0°C(50°C~200°C)±3.0°C(101°C~200°C)

Heat Up Time: 50°C to 200°C within 50 min

Insulation Material: Glass Wool

Test Standards Conformance

JB/T 5520-1991

GB/T 2423.2-2008


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