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Salt Spray Test Chamber

The salt spray (or salt fog) test chamber is a standardized and popular corrosion test equipment, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

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ATMARS Salt spray chambers or salt spray cabinets are designed to perform salt spray test(salt fog test or salt mist test) on surface coatings or materials in a highly corrosive environment (mainly sodium-chloride, NaCl) through pressureized spray nozzles to check the corrosion resistance of surface coatings or coverings for products usually made from steel, brass, and other metals.

The test results recorded through the process of salt spray testing can show the process of product decay and degradation and help predict the potential lifespan of a product or coating. 

Relevant salt spray testing standards are ASTM B117, ISO9227, JIS Z 2371 and ASTM G85.

And there are 3 common Salt spray tests -

NSS: Neutral Salt Spray Test

AASS: Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test

CASS: Cupric Acid Salt Spray Test

NSS is the base of salt spray test, it was developed at around 1930s, it is a neutral test which means the test solution pH value is at 6.5-7.2.

AASS is the method in NSS solution with addition of glacial acetic acid in the pH range of 3.1 to 3.3.

CASS is the method in AASS solution with addition of copper chloride in the pH range of 3.1 to 3.3.

ATMARS Salt Spray Chamber Premium Models -

ATMARS premium models can perform the same basic salt spray tests, but in addition are equipped with extra features which enable them to undertake modified salt spray tests such as those defined in ASTM G85. 

Here conventional salt spray is often combined with one other climate, in a two-part cycle, to accelerate the test. For example: salt spray and condensation humidity (SWAAT) or salt spray and drying (PROHESION) or salt spray and SO2 testing.


ATMARS salt spray test chambers Standard workspace volumes include 108L, 270L, 480L, 800L and 1200L. 

Specifications of Salt Spray Test Chambers ASS Series_ATMARS.jpg


Salt Spray chambers are commonly used to evaluate the corrosive resistance properties of:

- Phosphated surfaces (with subsequent paint/primer/lacquer/rust preventive)

- Zinc and Zinc-alloy plating (see also electroplating)

- Electroplated chromium, nickel, copper and tin

- Coatings not applied electrolytically (such as zinc flake coatings)

- Organic Coatings

- Paint Coating

- Aerospace

- Automotive

- Construction

- Paints & Coatings

- Metalworking & Tooling

Salt Spray Chamber for Corrosion Resistance Testing_ ATMARS.jpg

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