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Sand and Dust Test Chamber

Sand / dust test chambers simulate a comprehensive environment to test the exposure of automotive and electronic components at concentrated levels of dust in order to validate product seal integrity.

Equipment introduction
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What is a Sand and dust test chamber ?

The Sand and Dust Environmental Test Chamber simulates extremely sandy, dusty and desert-like environments to test products' ip dust proof/resistance performance (seal integrity) in accordance with related IEC, ASTM, and ISO standards. 

Sand and Dust Test Chamber from ATMARS meets Automotive, Electronic, Military Equipment and other test specifications. Powerful blowers intermittently blow compressed air up through finely powdered sand and dust and then allow the sand and dust to settle back down covering the product. Concentration of dust can be easily varied by changing the air pressure and the amount of the blowing time.


Dust Type: Talcum Powder

Standard Workspace Volumes: 512L, 800L, 1000L, 1500L and 2250L.

Dust Concentration: 2 - 4Kg/m³

Air Velocity: ≤2m/s

Specifications of Sand and Dust Test Chambers ASD Series_ATMARS.jpg


1. Built-in chest configuration

2. Designed to be used under extreme conditions

3. The interior chamber is built with 304 grade stainless steel treated for erosion resistance and high temperature application to avoid creep failure

4. The exterior chamber is made of steel plates with electrostatic powder coating offering high wear resistance

5. Acrylic glass door with with a window wiper fitted to the front of the test chamber  to view the specimen under testing

6. Electrical section installed in the switch cabinet and fitted to the test chamber side wall

7. Modular design, ready to be installed

Test Standards Conformance 

GB/T 2423.37-2006 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2: Test methods - Test L:Dust and sand

GB 4208-2008 IP (Ingress Protection) Code

Protection Ratings of Solid Particle Protection_ATMARS.jpg

Sand and Dust Chambers for IP Dustproof Test_ATMARS ASD Series.jpg

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