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Industrial Oven

ATMARS offers Floor-standing Drying Ovens in a variety of sizes and specifications. Our Drying Ovens provide high capacity for your day-to-day drying and heating applications with reliable performance and efficient drying processes.

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Workspace volume: 1728L

Workspace dimensions: W1200xD1200xH1200mm OR can be customized according to specimen sizes and your testing requirements.

Temperature range: RT+10℃ to +300℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.4℃(RT to +200℃); ±0.5℃(+201℃ to +300℃)

Temperature uniformity: ≤±2.0℃ (RT to +200℃); ≤±3.0℃ (+101 to +300℃)

Temperature deviation: ≤±2.0℃

Heating-up time: from +25℃ to +300℃ in 50min., average temperature change rate.

Specifications of Floor-standing Industrial Oven AO-1730B_ATMARS.jpg
Floor-standing Industrial Drying Ovens Manufacturer_ATMARS.jpg

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