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Benchtop Environmental Chambers

Excellent performance together with a compact design, ATMARS's Benchtop Test Chambers are idea environmental chambers for laboratories temperature and/or humidity tests with standard volumes 36L and 64L, temperature from -60°C to +150°C & relative humdity from 20%RH to 98%RH.

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What is a Benchtop Environmental Chamber?

Ideal for testing smaller products such as computer components, automobile sensors, or cell phones, Benchtop Environmental Chambers from ATMARS combine superior performance in a small, compact design well suited for research and development or personal point-of-use testing.

ABT/ABTH Configurations:

ABT Series - Temperature only

ABTH Series - Temperature and humidity capability

and available in 3 standard temperature ranges:

Type A: -20℃ to 150℃

Type B: -40℃ to 150℃

Type C: -60℃ to 150℃

Optional humidity range: 20%RH to 98%RH

Specifications of Benchtop Environmental Chambers ABTH Series_ATMARS.jpg

Test Standars Conformance

GB/T 10586-2006 Specifications for damp heat chambers

GB/T 10592-2008 Specification for low/high temperature test chambers

GB/T 2423.1-2008 Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests A: Cold

GB/T 2423.2-2008 Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests B: Dry heat

GB/T 2423.3-2016 Environmental testing—Part 2: Testing method—Test Cab: Damp heat,steady state

GB/T 2423.4-2008 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2: Test method - Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12h+12h cycle)

GB/T 2423.22-2012 Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests methods - Test N: Change of temperature

GJB 150.3A-2009 Laboratory environmental test methods for military material - Part3: High temperature test

GJB 150.4A-2009 Laboratory environmental test methods for military material - Part4: Low temperature test

GJB 150.9A-2009 Laboratory environmental test methods for military material - Part9: Damp heat test

IEC 60068-2-1:2007 Environmental testing - Part 2-1: Tests - Test A: Cold

IEC 60068-2-2:2007 Environmental testing - Part 2-2: Tests - Test B: Dry heat

IEC 60068-2-14:2009 Environmental testing - Part 2-14: Tests - Test N: Change of temperature

IEC 60068-2-30:2005 Environmental testing - Part 2-30: Tests - Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12 h + 12 h cycle)

IEC 60068-2-78:2012 Environmental testing - Part 2-78: Tests - Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state

Lab Benchtop Test Chambers with TemperatureHumidity Control_ATMARS.jpg

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